The Journey Continues – Spirit Walk

Journey to the Center of the Mind

Spiritual JourneyThings have changed a great deal since I began my journey on the path of Wicca some 41 years ago. Two more generations have been born and grown to adulthood. These generations see things from a different perspective than those of my generation, the “Baby Boomers” or just “Boomers”, and this is as it should be. We all, however, live with the illusion of being single, alone, apart from everyone and everything else. This illusion is strongly perpetuated by the flesh and blood “costumes” we have adorned for this sojourn on Planet Earth.

Spirituality, that quality or condition of being spiritual, often eludes us. Yes, the Creative Force has sent individual pieces (sparks) of itself here to learn and become enlightened enough to eventually find our way “home.” We are, however, not alone and there’s a part of us that knows that even in our loneliest moments. Perhaps that is…

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